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Advocating for a continuous and sustainable form of Azadari is important to us, and we know it is important to you. We stand behind our understanding of Azadari, and our team is committed to delivering on the promise.


To achieve maximum results and increase horsepower from your bolt-on performance parts, they need to work together. We'd recommend getting expert advice on the best combination of parts for your vehicle.


Most of the time if you are able to tolerate it, you can go about 5,000 to 6,000 miles over the recommended mileage change. In fact, depending on the age of your vehicle you could possibly go over about 7,000 to 10,000 miles.


An automatic transmission is essentially an automatic gear shifter. Instead of manually shifting the gears with a clutch on a manual transmission car or a gear shifter on a bicycle, the automatic transmission does everything for you.


For a small puncture of up to 1/4 inch in diameter, a plug often works better than a patch. Patches are most suitable for cuts, splits or abrasions, called curb rash on the tire.


Determine what size socket you need to loosen the nut on the negative terminal. Always work on the negative terminal before the positive when you disconnect your battery. Grab a socket from your socket kit and hold it near, but not against, the nut on the negative terminal of your battery.


Small engine repair is a vocational occupation that involves the maintenance and repair of small engines: low-power internal combustion engines (gasoline/petrol) or electric engines.

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