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Aza's History

Azadari has traditionally been understood as the commemoration and mourning of the tragedies that were brought upon the Ahlul Bayt – namely Imam Hussain, Imam Zaiunul Abideen, & Bibi Zainab – in Karbala & Shaam.
The universal message of faith, justice, and love, has attracted diverse communities for thousands of year across multiple generations.

What is Aza Narratives?

The world today is a global village and we as followers of Ahlul Bayt have to honor this responsibility of Aza with diligence and passion. We need to represent it wherever we live around the world and be the best version of ourselves.
In an effort to maintain the spirit of Aza and allow it to evolve in these changing times, we invite you to share your experiences, understandings, and hopes for Aza in the coming year.
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Aza year around. Aza around the world

Muslims around the world observe Aza-e-Hussain throughout the year. 

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